RAJBHOG….what to say about this sweet….Totally you’ll swoon after having this. This is just like rosogulla but little bit different. It is bigger in size, almost double or sometimes triple from its size. Syrup and flavour is of saffron and the saffron yellow balls are stuffed with khoya and broken pistachios. TOTALLY RAJSI DESSERT😁.

Traditionally this dessert is from Bengal, but you can get it in any part of the country. But I still remember those days, when my father used to treat us (siblings) with this delicacy on any special occasion. There was a shop…just opposite to my school….SHARMA’S SWEETS. Yessss… I loved to visit there too with my father on sundays. I loved to break upon rajbhog and gajar ka halwa of that shop. I swear I have not tasted that type of gajar ka halwa in my life yet as I used to had at that place.

This recipe yields 8 big sized rajbhog.



1ltr milk

3-4 pinches of citric acid

2 cups sugar

5 cups water

10-15 saffron strands

3-4 drops of saffron yellow colour

1/4th tsp cardamom powder

2 tbsp of khoya or mawa

2 tbsp of broken pIstachios


Boil milk and switch off the stove after a boil. Let it rest for 3-4 minutes. Add citric acid in pinches till the milk curdles completely. Now strain the chenna in a big strainer and leave it in hanging position for 5 minutes. Now wash it off completely to remove the sour taste of citric acid. I left it aside after straining because we should never give chenna the temperature attack. Otherwise the rajbhogs or rasgullas become tight. Leave the washed chenna in hanging position for 30 Minutes.


After 30 minutes put a wide and deep vessel on gas stove at high. Add sugar, saffron strands colour and  cardamom powder and let it boil at high. Transfer the chenna on kitchen counter. Knead it just like we do for rasgullas.


Take khoya in a bowl. Add broken pistachios and 2-3 crushed saffron strands. Mix it well and make 8 very small balls from that mix. Keep it aside.

Divide the chenna dough in 8 equal portions. Take a portion, press it between your fingers and palm and make a ball rolling between your palms.


Now make a hole with your finger in the middle of the ball. Place the khoya ball in it. Now join the ends and roll it like roshgullas. Repeat the same for remaining balls.


You can see the effects of this stuffing when you eat.


As the water starts boiling at high, minimize the flame and add the rajbhog balls in it. Do it carefully and slightly. Now cover the vessel with lid and raise the flame to medium high. There should be frothing in the syrup but too high frothing will break your balls. Let it boil covered for 15-17 minutes. Now switch off the flame and let it rest covered for 7-8 hours. Refrigerate and serve chilled.



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