Hi everyone 😀!!!!

This sweet mango pickle you can prepare very easily and can store them for a year too.

It tastes very savoury with any paratha. It’s just finger licking gud 😃😃😃.


Recipe follows:


500 gms raw mango ( washed, dried and cutted in cubes, 100 gms dried coconut ( cutted in slices), 1 tsp of methi seeds, 1 tsp of jeera, 1tsp of saunf, 1 tbsp rai ki daal or half grinded rai, 1 tbsp corriander powder, 1 tbsp deghi lal mirch, half tsp kasmiri lal mirch, 1 cup or 250 ml mustard oil, 150 gm sugar, 150 gm jaggery ( you can use 300 gm sugar or jaggery in whole ), 2 tbsp liquid glucose ( if you don’t get liquid glucose, just add 100 gms more sugar or jaggery), salt as per taste.



Put mango, coconut slices, rai ki daal, corriander powder, both red chillies powder, salt, jaggery, sugar in a bowl. Mix them well. 

 Put a pan on stove. Add oil. Heat it. Add saunf, jeera and methi. Let it splutter. 


 Add mango mix. Mix well. Now add liquid glucose. Keep on stirring. Cook for 10 mints. You can see the mangoes become translucent. Switch off the flame. Let it cool completely. Store in a glass jar with lid and leave for 4-5 days. 


Sweet mango pickle is ready to eat ☺️.

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