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Till now tried buttercream icing many times but not liked it at all due to its great and grainy sugar texture.

Finally got this perfect buttercream frosting with only 2 ingredients and no such effort at all while making and no such technical science being implemented.

Try to get unsalted and maximum white butter for this recipe. Pale yellow butter will be not so gud for flowers in white shade. Also butter should be at room temperature but not melted rather your fingers should feel lil pressure while pressing it.

This recipe will give you around 3 or 31/2 cups of icing in all i.e. 700 ml approximately. Just remember to use this icing only after refrigerating a bit. Using it just after whipping is totally unmanageable for sculpting flowers. Basic frosting ofc you can do like covering your cake.



450 gms unsalted white butter at room temperature

225 gms powdered sugar

1/4 cup hot boiling water


First pour hot boiling water into sugar powder and let it cool completely. Better you chilled it in refrigerator.

Take butter in a bowl of stand mixer which I used. You can prepare this in a large bowl using hand mixer too.

Now whisk butter from low to medium speed till fluffy… around 3-4 minutes it take.

Now using spoon add your sugar mixture and whip continuously till you are done with your sugar mix.

That’s it.. you are ready with your icing.

Here you can add colours and essence in different ways making batches of your cream. I made yellow and white with butterscotch essence for my butterscotch cake.

Designs are upon you🤗




  1. Aisha Chougle September 13, 2020 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    Awesome and hatke recipe this is. Thank you.

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