Hello everyone 🙋🏻‍♀️,

There are very few things in life where all the members of family concludes at the same point. Same with my family too.. and so among very few things where we 3 👨‍👩‍👦 are on the same page is Mushroom. Got mushroom in bulk. Thought to make pizza with base of mushroom. Now that’s MUSHROOMZAA 🍕.. Totally gluten-free!!!!! I have added lil bit of coconut flour while cooking mushrooms so that slice can be held just like our flour-based pizza.

Below is the recipe of 4 small mushroomzaa of 7”-8” each.

1 kg mushroom
1 tbsp salted or unsalted butter.. any you can opt for. If using unsalted, add few pinches of salt.
1 tbsp of piri piri powder
1 tbsp of coconut flour.. if not go with cornflour.
3 tbsp pasta sauce
Cheese.. with open heart❤️🤗.. I have used one layer of mozzarella and second layer if cheddar and mozzarella.
Few slices of chicken salaami
Few slices and rings of tomatoes and onion
Fresh rosemary.. if not available go with Italian seasoning
Red chilli flakes
First of all wash and clean mushrooms well. Cut them into halves and slice them.. not so thin as you can see in the pic below.
Take a wide pan. Add butter and let it melt. Add mushrooms and salt. Now cook it uncovered at high flame. Let all the water evaporates. Add piri piri powder. Take flour in half cup water and mix well. Add into mushrooms and mix well. You can see the starch. Switch off the flame.
Now preheat oven at 250°c for 10 minutes.
Take a round parchment paper. Spread the mushrooms. Spread sauce with a spoon. Add mozzarella and place salaami on it. Now arrange onions and tomatoes. Spread cheddar and mozzarella again. Place rosemary or sprinkle your Italian seasoning.
Bake at 250°c for 15-20 minutes. Don’t slice it instantly. Wait for 5-6 minutes so that coconut flour or cornflour fulfill its role for what it was added.

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