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Actually I was to post the recipe of kachori and aloo-dum (pic below) but this accidental dessert made a series and as we know HUM KHUSHIYON KA SWAGAT MITHE SE KARTEY HAIN🥰 (we welcome happiness with sweets). 

Few days back was going to sip my coconut water. Unfortunately water was very less and fortunately very tender fruit was inside with very slightly skinned.. that’s their my mind started working seeing that subtle fruit. Few days back got this recipe of Roshopulli from an aunt (Bengalee) nearby. 

Roshopulli… Rosho means syrup and pulli means pit-tha, pithe or simply dumplings you can say. It’s actually ambrosia 😇. Made with simple ingredients yet much delectable. This is one of my favourite Bengali desserts😋. Recently one of my favourite Bengali aunty served this to me and I just grabbed the recipe.. as I do always😁.
For this dessert, the main ingredient is coconut which has to be tender one. Though you can go for matured one too if tender not available. But try to peel off the hard and thin, brown-crust.
Series does not end at this dessert.. going to give recipe of all the dishes presented here along this dessert but at intervals. So stay tuned!!!
This recipe yields 30 pulli or dumplings which be easily served to 5-6 persons.
1 cup or 150 gms fresh grated coconut
1/2 cup or 75 gms semolina
3/4 cup or 150 gms granulated sugar (divided in 100 and 50 gms)
4 green cardamoms
1/2 tsp ghee or clarified butter
1.5 full fat milk
At very first dry roast cardamom pods till slightly brown. Cool and grind into powder. If skin of cardamom is there a bit, it’s okay. Keep it aside.
Now take grated coconut, semolina and  100 gms or 1/2 cup sugar and cardamom powder in a pan or skillet. Switch on your gas stove and place that assembled ingredients skillet on it.
At medium low to high flame, Just keep stirring the mixture continuously. Initially it will release water which comes out of sugar and then after 2 minutes the whole mixture gets into lump as you can see in the pic. Switch off the flame. Let it cool until you are able to make dumplings of oblong shapes.
By the time dough is getting cooler, place milk on high flame of your stove. Give a boil and let it boil more at medium low flame till the milk reduces to half.
Just apply some ghee on your palm and give dough shapes as given in above pic.  Total 30 dumplings I made out of this dough. Just keep the dumplings aside.
Now as the milk gets depleted by half, add 50 gms of remaining sugar. Give a full boil.
Switch the flame to minimum and add all the rolled dumplings. Give a stir very carefully or the dumplings may break. But keep stirring or dumplings may stick to the bottom of your cooking vessel.
After 6-8 minutes you can see the dumplings start floating on the surface of the milk. It means all are done with the cooking. You can check the doneness by cutting a dumpling from the middle. It it gets cut easily, it’s done. Increase the flame to medium and stir the whole mix till you get creamy consistency. Don’t reduce too much as it will reduce more when cooled down. When done, switch off the flame.
Serve chilled (the best version) or hot but taste of Roshopulli gets enhanced more a day after.

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