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Happy Raksha-Bandhan to all of you🙏🏻
Let’s keep each other safe.. सुरिक्षत रहें, सुरिक्षत रखें 😊

As today is the brother-sister celebration, how about preparing this dessert… GHEVAR AND GHEVAR WITH MALAAI for your brothers?? Well to eat these you can carry any other relative tag too🙂… serve yourself first😋.

Again this sweet makes me nostalgic. My father used to surprise us by bringing this sweet during sankranti days. It used to be pure lemony yellow, pillowy soft with tint of crispiness. That’s the reason my Ghevar is lemon yellow. Although Ghevar is speciality of this Hindu month .. Saawan but you can make this on anyday of the year.


Tried this Ghevar for the first time.. it has lots of techniques involved.. for me the toughest part was to take it out by inserting pastry roll through the hole in the middle…. ugh.. broke 3 initially 🙄. Finally 1 large and 3 mini ghevar were in full circle. Otherwise from texture to net-holes, all were perfect.


I tried rabdi or malaai with new technique too this time.. added milk powder into full cream milk and viola.. same texture I got which I used to make by combining condensed milk and normal milk.

First of all, gear up to have patience twice in lots.. once to read this elaborated recipe and secondly while frying😛.

This recipe yields 5 large Ghevar of 6” or 4 large and 3 mini Ghevar of 3.5”.




1/3 cup clarified butter or ghee.. melted completely but should be at room temperature.

6-7 ice cubes

1/4 cup chilled milk

1+3/4 cup AP flour or maida

1/4 cup chickpea flour or besan

3+1/2 cup chilled water

juice of half lemon

Few drops of lemon yellow colour

3 cups ghee or 50:50 oil and ghee or 3 cups oil.. here what I suggest that the level of the oil should be 10% lower from the mid point of the skillet because as the batter is cool, the oil just boil at once when you add batter. So if oil is near the brim of the skillet, it might spills out.


2 cups sugar

1+1/4 cup water

few saffron strands


1 ltr full cream milk

1/2 cup milk powder

1/4 cup sugar.. you can add 2 tsp more if require more sweetness

3-4 whole green cardamoms


Few chopped pistachios, almonds, few rose petals, golden and silver edible leaf (totally optional), saffron threads.


First of all, prepare the sugar syrup and rabdi.


For rabdi, take milk in a vessel. Better you use non-stick so that you are not dedicated to stir continuously as needed with iron based vessels. Let the milk get hot. Add milk powder and sugar and stir continuously till milk powder dissolves.

Let the milk boil at minimum till it is reduced by half. Add cardamoms and saffron. Stir well. Now let the condensed milk boil till it gives you rabdi.


Take and water in a pan. Let it boil at high till you get not very thick sugar syrup. Test between your fingers. No string should form but it should be little bit more thicker than what we prepare for gulab jamun. Add saffron threads. Stir and switch off the flame.


Take melted ghee and ice cubes in a big and deep vessel. Whisk them by using your hands. In 2-3 minutes you’ll get an off white creamy butter. Remember it should be creamy. Take the ice cubes out and discard.

Now add 1/4 cup milk. Add 1/2 cup of maida. Using whisker, whisk well in one direction. No lumps should be there. Now add 1 cup water and half cup maida. Whisk well. Again add 3/4 cup maida and 1 cup water. Whisk well. Add besan and the remaining water. Add lemon juice. Lemon juice actually binds the batter well for longer duration.

Take a deep vessel. Add oil or ghee whichever you prefer. Heat it well.

Now the technique starts here😎. From about 1 foot above, in the centre of your skillet pour the batter.. can say about 3-4 can use ladle but do the measurements approximate. When the oil settles, add another 3-4 tsp. Like wise repeat till you get your preferred thickness for the ghevar. You can switch the flames accordingly but while pouring the batter, keep the flame high. While frying, make a hole in the middle of the ghevar using pastry roller.

As the ghevar is done, you can see it starts leaving the sides itself. Very slightly, dip the ghevar in oil. In this way, upper side gets cooked well.

Now the toughest part 🥺.. using the end of rolling pin, take the ghevar out. You have to insert the end in the hole and pull it up by passing your rolling pin through the hole. Carefully place the ghevar on a plate. Repeat the same for the remaining batter.

Now heat your sugar syrup. No need to boil. Now you can dip your ghevar into tve sugar syrup or by using spoon can pour the syrup over ghevar. Do as you wish. I prefer the latter one. As the sugar syrup is hot, there are chances, ghevar may break while taking it out from the syrup.

Time to serve. Serve the ghevar naked with sprinkled almonds and pistachios. You can add rabdi and then sprinkle dry nuts.. it sounds so heavenly.. just imagine the taste.. A DISC OF AMBROSIA🥰






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